Organising a dance event during a pandemic is challenging. The Munich dance group is aware that special precautionary measures need to be taken during such a big event with people from many different countries and a wide range of age groups.

Our hygiene measures are in accordance with German legislation. Of course we don’t know yet exactly what the situation will be in June 2022, but at present (autumn 2021) we expect that people will either need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from it. It may be possible that people who haven’t been vaccinated or had Covid will be able to come with a negative rapid or PCR test. We will announce more detailed hygiene measures here in due course.

Of course we will give you even more flexibility for your booking than we would normally do. You can cancel your booking for a small fee of 25 euros – which we will use for funding our scholarships – up until Easter 2022. If you have to cancel at a later stage due to the Covid situation, we cannot promise you such a large refund, but we will do our best to refund you as much of the course fee as possible, as long as there is no cost to our dance club.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel our event due to the Covid situation at short notice, we will do everything we can to refund you as much of the course fee as possible. However, as there are big expenses for our dance club which we might also have to pay even if the course cannot take place, we cannot necessarily guarantee a full refund, simply because the club cannot afford a loss of many thousands of euros. In this very unlikely case we promise that we will find a fair solution for everybody.